Interested in Some Powerful Viral Marketing?

Powerful viral marketing is probably the greatest three words when you have a business or a web site that you want to promote.

Imagine how much more business you could attract if you could harness strong viral marketing into your overall marketing to do lists. It would change the direction of your business and your life FOREVER.

One of the best ways to ride on top of this wave is to create small, FREE ebooks and simply give them away. Of course, each of the free ebooks will have your domain linked to every page, so even giving them away free has the opportunity to bring you thousands if the content in your free ebook is worth having.

I can not emphasize that enough. Just having an ebook on "Pasta Dishes My Grandma Passed Down To Me ONLY!" sounds fine, in fact, it sounds delicious … but the content inside of whatever Grandma told you had better be some great stuff. Otherwise, the viral part of your powerful viral marketing STOP; S dead in its tracks.

What enables viral marketing is the perceived value of the ebook even if it's free! If people see the work as being unique and of value, it will move on down the line. People will begin offering it as a bonus to their other products. It will become the basis for opt-in lists to be generated. You will start to see it, really, in some of the craziest nooks and crannys on the web.

Powerful viral marketing will not be achieved every time … even with the best of content … because that particular content is not in 'vogue' at the time. So keep all of your ebooks in some form of circulation for when the time comes that you do become in 'vogue.'

Great … now I'm starving.

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