Online Marketing is Important Too


Traditionally people understand newspaper ads, billboards, tv commercials as the understood way of marketing. However its just as important to move with the times in Marketing as with anything else. This is where the internet and online space comes in. The average apparel store promoting its latest design online is no longer abnormal. People enjoy getting their information at a few clicks. It makes it simple to browse and saves you a lot of time later. Especially when it comes to electronics, when it becomes very easy to compare prices online. Ordering items, books, and even food online is slowly becoming a convenience people are happy to get used to.

Googling something is second nature to most consumers nowdays and if your brand / service is not to be found by this magical method then you might as well consider yourself out of business. The first step is to understand the importance of online visibility. Next, one must put some thought into the information that will go into your site. It must not be useless as you not only want people to come to it, they must also stay there. Once you know that your product is good to go, you can start focusing on traffic to your site. Below are a few tips to get you started.

1. Start your blog, and maybe a few friends as well! Write good interesting, long blogs that people will want to read about. This can either be related to your company or not. As long as its interesting you will start building up a following which will automatically help drive people to you. While you're building your blog it's important to visit many other blogs and leave comments. Also try to drop some brand names as tags in your blogs which will also help in search results.
2. Google AdWords: Your main goal here is to ensure that if people search for relevant enough combination then your site should be prominent. It takes a lot of time and effort (or money and an outsourced SEO firm) to bring you to the top of Google's rankings organic and therefore you'll have to decide what trade off you want. In the meantime, search engine marketing is an excellent solution for both visibility and appealing the right kind of people in the correct geographic location.
3. Put your website everywhere and anywhere. Make sure its on all your business cards, correspondence, anything that passes through your hands. And most importantly as a signature at the bottom of each and every email you send. Put it along with a funny joke or some relevant interest fact to attract the eye. Sometimes someone will click on it.

These are just a few small things that I've picked up and there are many more ways out there. What's important is to first understand the value of being online and trends can only go up from there.


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