Facebook – Network Marketing Strategy

Why is Facebook marketing so powerful? Facebook's the # 1 worldwide social network site. It allows you to expand your social network and helps you make friends with different people from other countries you may never have encountered in person. It's also the current fastest growing social networking site.

The meaning of social network is creating a great relationship with others and shares your thoughts to people online. Facebook can be a great marketplace if you know what to do. Here are three ideas of marketing on Facebook.

1. Share Your Knowledge and Not Opportunity
How do you create a great relationship with others? The answer is trust. Just by telling people your products and network opportunities will not work, but by sharing your knowledge with others will help get their trust. People do not want to hear how great your company is or how valuable your products are, they want to be able to know you and become friends. Things like hobby, schooling, or even where you come from. Trust is the universal key to all successful businesses whether it's online or real life.

2. Never Spam Your Business
Spamming social network is a huge mistake. You never want to post your market links on your friend's profiles. It gives off the impression that you're just another marketer who's only after their money. So how do you promote your products if you can not post your market links on Facebook? You do not need to promote your links to get sales. The key is to increase your personal value in the friendship you've created. That will bring your success. "Being the hunted, not the hunter."

3. Be Consistent
Everything takes time in order to increase their value. Marketing is a long term career. The great result can not be seen overnight. By using social network sites, this can actually build trust and create bonds with people that you're going to meet. It's the most popular way to grow your business. You must frequently contact people and connect with them every single day.

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