Creative 6-Month Anniversary Card Ideas

Do you have a 6-month anniversary coming up? In every new relationship, it is really cool to celebrate the small milestones. A wonderful way to acknowledge the six month milestone is to create a handmade "Happy 6-month Anniversary" card!

With so many other anniversaries that overshadow a six month anniversary – how will you find some creative 6-month anniversary card ideas? Consider what makes your relationship unique and fun and start from there!

Since the relationship is relatively new and still very exciting, making a handmade 6-month anniversary card could be a cool and low-key way to say that you are excited about the relationship and looking forward to other miles to come.

Here are some Happy 6-Month Anniversary Card Ideas that you can use:

* Commemorate your first date.

Did you go to a restaurant or a bar? If you're in the neighborhood, grab a to-go menu or a bar coaster. You can incorporate the restaurant logo or name onto the front of the card and write something funny like "Where it all began …" or "In the beginning, there was Mel's Diner." Or something equally charming.

* Spell out your official date on the front of a card.

Did you guys officially get together on an exact date? How about taking some rubber stamps or printing out that special date with some cool fonts off your computer? Or dig through some old magazines and spell it out "ransom note" style.

* Rock it old school with initials inside a heart.

Remember carving your initials and your crush's initials into a tree during summer camp? Consider bringing back the trend with your 6-month anniversary card! You can use a dark glittered glue pen, print out your initials with a plus symbol and then your partner's initials then draw a large heart around it. This would look really cute on a simple square card.

* Six Floating Butterfly Hearts.

Six is ​​the magical number. Consider cutting six hearts out of red cardstock, fold them down the middle and glue that fold with heavy duty glue onto the front of a card. This way the halves of the heart fold out (to mimic a flying butterfly).

Then take some black pipe cleaners to make the body of the butterfly and glue them down the middle of the heart. Take a black marker to make little curly antennae for each of the butterflies. Consider making the heart butterflies all uniform (three on the top, three on the bottom of a horizontal card) or place the butterflies randomly all over the front of the card. Also, you can make the hearts from all sorts of colors – do not feel bound to red, maybe a rainbow of butterflies is more your style.

* Six of Anything Special.

Okay, if heart butterflies are not your cup of tea. Consider what simple shapes you can add to the front of a 6-month anniversary card that could represent your relationship. Are both of you caffeine addicts – how about six little coffee cups? Do you guys love going to the beach – how about six little star fish or a school of six colorful fish?

Happy 6-month Anniversary card ideas do not have to be crazy intricate – it just has to come from the heart. Yes, it is a special milestone and making a simple and direct handmade card is a great way to acknowledge it.

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