Internet Marketing Success – Getting Support From Your Wife

This is for anyone who is still reliably new to Internet Marketing, who, as we know, spends a lot of time getting their marketing established online. A large number of them are men with wives or significant others who just do not see the value of all this effort. Do any of the following sound familiar ?:

"You sit in front of that damn computer for hours! It's just a waste of time!"
"Why do not you turn that thing off and spend some time with your kids?"
"You write online about spending more time with friends and family, why do not you practice what you preach?"
"When are you going to realize that this is just a big scam?"
"What are all these charges on the bank account? I thought you were going to be making money, not spending it."
"Honey, I know you're working real hard, but do not you think it's about time to forget this Internet marketing thing and concentrate more on your real job?"
"I'm trying to be supportive, but how long are you going to be doing this before you start making money?"

I could go on and on …

The failure rate in Internet marketing is about 97 percent; pressure from a spouse can be a huge contributing factor to your failure.

Today's article is a look at what husbands can do to gain support from their wives. In a future article we will also look at wives and moms in internet marketing, which is a whole different challenge. Then there are also friends and extended families, and what negative influence they can have.

Right now I'm going to give you 3 things you husbands can do to gain support from your wives.

1. Communication is the key. Talk to your wife about what you're doing. Discuss your goals, your dreams, even the details of your marketing business; let her know why you're doing this, and that she's a big part of what you're doing. And remember to keep it positive and filled with affinity for her and the rest of the family. Another important thing is to communicate to her from her own reality standpoint, so she understands what you're doing and why.

2. Involve her in the business, either in a small or big way. I see many lead capture pages online where the husband and wife are together, marketing online as a couple, even though the wife may not be that involved in the business. Or, let her help you with the business to make her part of it. She could write ad copy, or articles, keep records, or maybe you're doing pay-per-click advertising; she might be better at it than you are.

3. Keep work time separate from family time. Keep a schedule for the time you spend in front of your computer. Make that time productive; have a goal for what you're going to accomplish, and complete that goal. And, never, ever walk in the door and head straight to the computer without greeting her with a kiss first.

When you're working, you're working. Not playing games, chatting with friends, or dealing with any other interruptions. Your schedule could easily force you to give up some of your leisure-time computer activities, but that's a price you may have to pay. To your spouse and family, the time you spend sitting at your computer is all the same, whether you're working or playing.

Hopefully, these 3 things will help you stay on track with your Internet marketing business, or any home business, without causing conflict with your responsibility to your loved ones at home.

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