Network Marketing – Why Some Are Moving To The Internet


Network Marketing today is a field that still thrives for the age group that is getting more and more seasoned. This is not to say that this is a lost art form at all. People are joining in record numbers as Multi-Level Marketing is becoming an accepted business in many arenas that before had pushed them away. Take for instance the huge plug which Robert Kiyosaki gives to the industry. This truly is the working man or woman's home business. But as people get more and more computer savvy not only people are using this medium to help boost business and recruiting they are also looking for online opportunities.

No Cold Calling

One of the largest turn offs to some would be marketers is making that list of 100-1000 people. This list has given nightmares to even the bravest person. Have you ever sat in front of the phone with your list and thought to yourself, "who should I call first?" What your really thinking is should I even be calling anyone in the first place. In the world of telemarketers and infomercials, the last thing you want to be seen as is one of them. So where you had high ideals and a great plan to free your family, all you have now is cold feet.

Now the world of internet marketing does not eliminate your phone from the equation it only makes you available. Depending on how you set up your online business you may be asking for a phone number. So when people add their phone number they are looking for a call from you. This takes the frost away. In most cases if your website is compelling you will receive a call from those who just want to know that you're a real person.

Friends And Family

Contrary to popular belief not everyone in your family will be as entrepreneurial as you decided to be when you signed up for that new opportunity. If you poll the largest people in Network Marketing that you know or can contact, you can believe that less than one percent of the persons in their organization are family members. You probably have found this out for yourself the hard way.

Marketing online you have such a large market of like minded people that it you never run out of prospects. Once more you will not have to worry about being dodged by what used to be your best friend before you tried to recruit them.

Buying Leads

Buying leads can go either way when it comes to marketing online. It's really a preference. But if you can put together a great website and ad campaign, leads will be the least of your worries.


In traditional a MLM if your not the best but manage a sale a month you can in most cases expect around $ 100 or so. While some Internet companies pay up to $ 1000 per sale. So if you only make a sale per month you can make great part time money. That will pay a car note and insurance.


Both Internet and traditional Network Marketing will take time as any business does. If you are a serious Network Marketer you can expect to be at the local coffee shop or in a hotel or someone's home giving a presentation daily if you want to make anything. Coordinating schedules and dealing with no shows are to order of the day. This will lead to time away from family and not to mention with today gas prices, a strain on the budget.

For the Internet Marketer your time will be in the comfort of your home armed with your computer and a cell phone. The whole move to the internet is about automation, once your setup all that is left is maintenance. You can have presentations running a day and night without having to coordinate schedules and worry whenever someone will show up. Your prospect if really interested will go through the entire process for you (most online opportunities have company presentations, free test drives, etc). They may even sign up and never contact you. All you have to provide to you site is traffic.


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