2 Easy And Completely Natural Steps To Help Make Your Penis THICKER!

The thicker your erection, the more intense her orgasms will be. Having a robust penis size is most certainly a guaranteed way to stimulate the vagina like nothing else. With that said, most men lack girth with their erections… and as a result, most women these days either fake their orgasms or simply don’t reach one!

But don’t worry… if you currently don’t lack girth with your penis erection, in today’s article I’m going to share with you 2 easy and completely natural steps you can follow to make your penis thicker.

Step 1:

The first rule of penis enlargement is blood flow. If you have proper blood circulation in your body, then not only will you help with getting a bigger penis erection, you’ll also have harder erections as well (not to mention better overall health).

Now, to improve blood circulation naturally (this means avoiding enhancement pills), I recommend you take natural supplements and eat the right foods…

The best supplements to take are Gingko Biloba, Vitamin E, and Garlic. Before you start taking these supplements, I strongly recommend you consult your physician before doing so (especially if you are currently on any blood thinner medication).

The best foods to eat are foods high in Vitamin E (such as nuts), garlic, grass fed beef, dark green veggies, and berries. Most of these foods not only help with blood circulation, they also help remove toxins from your body as well.

Step 2:

The next step I recommend you follow if you want to get a thicker penis erection (and also an overall bigger penis size) is to do milking exercises (better known as jelqing).

These types of exercises stimulate the corpora cavernosa chambers of your penis. These chambers are what makes up your erection when you get hard. If these chambers are properly and naturally expanded, then they will be able to hold more blood when you get erected. Bigger chambers + more blood = BIGGER penis size!

Here is an example and introduction milking exercise you can do:

A: You’re going to need some type of good lubrication. If you don’t have specialized lube, then for now I recommend using vaseline. It’s important to remember that you are going to have to stay lubricated during the exercise.

B: Warm your penis up by placing a warm cloth on your penis for 2 minutes.

C: Get your penis to a 50% erection. This may seem difficult at first, but you shouldn’t have a hard time after a few minutes.

D: Now place a generous amount of lubrication all over your penis.

E: For this step, you want to make an O.K. sign with your left hand by placing your forefinger on your thumb. Now turn your O.K. sign in a manner where your palm is facing outwards.

F: Place the circle of your O.K. sign at the base of your penis with a firm grip (not too hard).

G: Slide your hand up towards the head of your penis and release.

H: Repeat E through G with your right hand.

I: Do 20 repetitions (10 each hand) with a smooth and steady pace.

J: Repeat this exercise for 3-5 sets.

K: After you’ve completed the exercise, place a warm cloth back on your penis for a couple of minutes to help it relax.

*NOTE* If you find yourself getting a full erection, stop the exercise until your erection goes back down to 50%.

Those steps above are the basic milking exercise to help thicken your penile chambers. There are more advanced exercises for thickening the penis (plus adding up to 4 extra inches with length, more muscularity, a fatter penis head, and even curing premature ejaculation) that will help completely change your entire manhood.

Now, if you take anything away from this article, please let it be that if you want to make some gains on your penis, stick with anything and everything natural. Only with a natural method can you actually MAKE FAST GAINS… and at the same time not end up with side-effects, an empty wallet, and your results will last for life.

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