NBA – LeBron Gets A Friend With A 'Fro

As Ben Wallace hits Chicago Bulls Nation, Chicago Bulls fans wonder what could have been, and what the heck happened in Ben Wallace's 1.5 years with the team. Dreams of an NBA Title collapsed, in no small part courty of Ben Wallace's uninspired and disinterested play while in Bulls red and black.

The entry of Ben Wallace to the Chicago Bulls was met in the Windy City with the excuse that the missing piece had been unearthed, the Detroit Pistons a victim of this discovery, and that the Bulls were on their way to another era of Championship NBA basketball .

Ben Wallace turned out to be, not the terrifying defensive player-of-the year he was with the Detroit Pistons, but a sluggish, boring copy of himself. Can he find a new vigor with LeBron James and the Cleveland Cavaliers? -it is possible. If so, it will just go to show that Ben Wallace did not perform as he should have with the Chicago Bulls for whatever reason, and cashed his humungous paychecks without maximum effort.

The Chicago Bulls get Larry Hughes and Drew Gooden in return, which makes the Bulls better, but still in desperate need of a star that can be turned to, to hit big shots in crunch times of meaningful 4th quarters.

As for Ben Wallace, his offense nonexistent, and his defense and intangibles not in full view when with the Chicago Bulls either. A disappointment almost as big as his' fro itself, Wallace now goes to Cleveland, with Chicago Bulls fans gladly holding the door
open wide as Wallace heads up route 90, due East.

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