How to Increase Girls Basketball Confidence

Sometimes confidence can be the missing ingredient from being average to being above average. The skills are there but you just do not have the confidence to get the job done. Let's look at ways to increase your confidence.

Find a mentor

Mentors are awesome. I have always had mentors in my life, while in junior high, high school and college. I even have mentors as a girl's basketball trainer.

They are typically older individuals that you can count on for positive inspiration. One of the easiest ways to get something done is to find someone that's already done it and is willing to show you how to do it also. If you could find a basketball player that has accomplished some of the things that you want to accomplish, ask them to be your mentor. Go to games together. Go to lunch together. It can be a great experience.

Study the game

The more you know about a subject the more your attitude changes. Become a basketball junkie. There are a variety of ways to increase your knowledge. Visit basketball websites. Watch development DVDs or vhs tapes. Attend college basketball games or watch them on television. Attend basketball camps. Get a basketball trainer. Ask questions. Then ask another question. Then ask another question. Get the point. Read basketball books.

Develop yourself

But do not just stop at basketball books. A couple of years ago, I learned about a subject I never new inserted. It's called self-development. If you want to sky rocket your confidence, read self-development books. The most successful people in the world read these books.

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