Online Email Marketing- 10 Characteristics Of Highly Professional Emails

Your online email marketing campaigns can be either tarnished or polished by the appearance of your email messages.

Follow the steps below and utilize the marketing potential of your email:

  1. Treat the Subject line seriously. Craft the word as you would a headline for an advertisement. Make people want to open the message and READ IT!
  2. Put your proper name or company name in the From field, not some obscure or slang identification. Starting the message with Dear Mr. Egypt Dear Ms. is businesslike. Avoid the "How You Doing" approach.
  3. Always run the spell check program and proofread the message before sending it. Pick up any wrong spellings the spell checker may have missed. Correct grammar mistakes and utilize punctuation well. (See Resource Box for a free punctuation guide)
  4. Answer email within 24 hours. This is big. Do this and your credibility with customers will rocket.
  5. Never answer emails when feeling irritated. Wait a few hours and when you feel calm, think out a reply that is mild, respectful, friendly, and professional.
  6. Organize multiple email addresses in your company so specific queries or requests go straight to the person or department handling that area. Aim for a turn around time of 6 hours in these cases.
  7. Identify yourself immediately and summarize the purpose of your message in the first paragraph in one or two lines.
  8. Use a PS for maximum effect. If you are putting in a brief ad or wish to draw attention to a key point, put it in a PS at the end of the message. It will always get extra attention.
  9. When sending to multiple recipients, respect privacy. Use the Bcc field so the recipients do not see everyone else's email address, unless of course you have their permission to make their email address available.
  10. Do a final read before sending. Tighter your message so what you say is said in as few words as possible. In the business environment time is everything. Get to the point – but do it tastefully.

Final Word

For your online email marketing campaigns to make any impression at all they need to stand out from the crowd. Online email marketing after all is probably one of the most competitive aspects of online business.

Use this 10 point checklist to ensure you present a professional image each time!

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