Ergonomics and Professional Computer Gaming


Professional computer gaming is a big business. All over the world there are millions of people who play video games competitively and there is a growing industry that is catering just to the needs of these individuals. For example, there is Alienware which produces PCs that a gear specifically for this gaming section of society.

One main concern amongst gamers of all levels of skill and experience is sound ergonomics. There is nothing more damaging to a players ability to achieve their objective than having equipment that actually hinders their body from being able to do that task at hand. Small mice and small mouse pads can contribute to the most hated word in all of computer games – Carpel Tunnel Syndrome.

Thankfully, this terrible affliction can be avoided with the purchase of a few choice pieces of gaming equipment, some post work, and a little stretching. The first thing that you are going to want to do is go out and buy a computer gaming mouse with sound ergonomics. This generally means that the mouse is going to fit comfortably into your and that it moves easily to your touch. Most gaming mice will have the ability to alter the actual weight of the mouse and you should do this until you feel completely comfortable with it.

The next piece of equipment that you need for sound gaming ergonomics is a large, oversized gaming mouse pad. Having a large pad will help reduce the number of mouse hops that you have to perform to find your target in a first person shooting game or scroll across the screen in a real time strategy game.

These two components combined with good future will result in hours of pain free gaming.


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