Football Freestyle In Sweden

Is it big? It depends on what "big" means in this case. If it means big as in a lot of shows, performances and clinics I would say no, I will tell you about this later in this article. If big is how many good freestylers come from Sweden I would say yes, a lot of great freestylers live there. So why is not there more freestyle events in Sweden?

I will start with the performance part … There is not a lot of freestyle performances in Sweden. Some freestylers have gigs a couple of times a month. Some people think this is much, but compared to Holland where the best freestylers perform almost on a daily basis, it's not very much. As I said there is some, but to me it's strange why there is not more!

What's strange is that there are so many great freestylers in Sweden, but not much events, performances and work shops … why? I have no idea. My theory would be that Swedish football is built on the team, not the individuals (there are people like Zlatan, yes). In Sweden you do not want to have a team with to many great individuals, you want Good, not AMAZING players, that's working great as a team. If you embrace the art of football freestyle you also embrace the individual technique and you will encourage young players to practice more on their individual abilities. This is my personal theory why football freestyle is not as big as it is in countries like England, Holland and France.

In other countries freestylers perform in the big stadiums, they appear in TV ads and a lot more … you could even see some UK freestylers in one of Timbalands music videos. The numbers of performances in big stadiums in Sweden can be count on one hand.

Some of the big names in Sweden: Palle (one of the first airmoves freestylers ever, made a revolution in freestyle with his no touch combos), Lindroth (he executes tricks with style and flair like no other, his abilities when he's doing sitdown tricks is amazing), Linder (A really young talent who should get a lot of props for the huge skills he posses) and Emil J (he's doing a lot for the Swedish freestyle scene with a lot of performances, he was also one of the first freestylers in Sweden).

More football freestyle to the Swedish people !!!

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