Press Release Marketing – A Must For Your Business

Press release marketing is one of the time-tested ways of increasing the visibility of your business. Hence this aspect of marketing deserves special attention. This is a way of announcing to the world any news worthy event involving your organization. These include any interesting news like addition to the existing services, announcement of any workshop or seminar, new partnerships, sponsorships and so on. However it has also emerged as the way of directly speaking to clients or potential clients. Therefore formulating a suitable press release has become an important part of the marketing strategy.

It can be observed that industries ranging from multi billion dollar organizations to small start-up businesses have invested heavily on press release marketing over the years. It not only guarantees exposure for any organization online which will definitely improve the credibility of a company. It is often a more convincing way of publicity than advertising.

The online version is particularly relevant in the recent times. The popularity of the online news portals is on perennial rise and the likes of Yahoo news and Google News are being accessed by millions every day. But companies should keep in mind certain factors before they decide to distribute a press release to the online media. It is important that the distribution of the release be done by wire services. Keep in mind that the press release should not sound like an advertisement or sales pitch. It should be informative and relevant.

There are certain other guidelines that should be followed while formulating and distributing the press release. It is important to remember that the content should be interesting, which can only happen if the news to be shared has some kind of value for the target market. One of the essential features of press release marketing is to know how to write the content. It should not be brief and should be formatted according to the industry standard.

The content is always an important factor. So, it should be interesting but the tone should match the seriousness of the subject. A well written press release should adhere to all the basic questions that such an event might entail. You should not miss out on the important details like the place, the time and the important people involved. Also, before the press release is distributed it to the online media, summarize the entire content in a paragraph. It is also important to focus on the right keywords and density, which are vital factors in search engine optimizing.

The release can also draw a large amount of traffic to a company website and can also improve search engine ranking. Also, consider embedding relevant back links in the press release, which can work wonders for visibility. Also employ professional help who would do the copywriting and the distributing part of the release. This is certainly one of the easiest ways of getting the job done efficiently without much hassle. Thus, this form of marketing can be tremendously beneficial if you know how to utilize its true potential. Visit Lehman Hailey on his blog for more information on this and many other forms of internet marketing.

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