How Video Marketing Works

One of the key internet marketing strategies I use to generate sales leads online is video marketing. To really understand the power of this style of online marketing, you have to work it for a while. But for the new marketer, this is challenging yet fun. To teach you how video marketing works, I'll break it down into 5 bite-sized pieces. Notepad, rehearsal, filming, editing and programming.

Notepad is just a creative starting point. Have in mind a subject you are familiar with, and jot down a sort of template on a notepad or 3X5 card. Start by saying "intro" at the top. Then the word "challenge" or "topic" underneath. Next write "solution" or "body" and finish by writing "call to action." Find experienced internet marketers on the web and watch a number of their videos and you will see that the good ones typically have these categories covered in their videos. Learn by doing.

Next … "rehearsal." Find a spot with an acceptable background and begin rehearsing in front of the camera without turning it on. Be aware of your eye contact with the camera and your "uhhhhhs". In the beginning, it may take you 10-20 tries before you are happy with the result. I did 20 videos, I was "one take Johnny." Now I enjoy producing marketing videos and I can get 2-3 done per session. I'll do one today on this article.

The "filming" portion is a good time to talk about the tech side of it. You may already know how to transfer the digital file from your camera to your laptop. If you do not, look on the net for your model camera and find out if the manufacturer gives away free software that works with your camera. My software came with my Sony camera so it was easy. So, film away and when your done transfer the digital file to your laptop.

The "editing" part of the job is easy and fun. You can get creative here, but be careful. Too many bells and whistles may scare the simple folk away. I create a wmv file and use windows movie maker as my editing software. It is simple to use and comes installed on most computers now. You can get a free download on the net if you do not already have it.

Finally, "promoting". When you have finished your project and you are ready to upload videos to the web, there are a couple of sites to get familiar with. YouTube is not enough. You need to go to either Tube Mogul or Traffic Geyser (or both) and start by watching their training videos to learn how to distribute your videos all over the web with one upload to their site. It is a great service.

Traffic Geyser is a pay site (about $ 97 / mo.) And Tube mogul is free. Traffic Geyser is a much more powerful tool that also lets you submit the matching article that can be distributed at the same time. Both sites have training for you on how to select keywords (tags) and other pertinent information to get a maximum distribution and target your traffic more efficiently.

In summary, video marketing on the web is probably the best free internet marketing you can get. Work through the process I've laid out about 20 times within a couple weeks and you'll be a pro. Good luck!

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