Why Does My Computer Freeze -Tell Me Why My Computer Freezes

Ok we have all been there and done this am I correct?

Things are moving along and then bam you're stuck and about punch a hole in your monitor. This is most likely caused by getting to click happy if you do not have the memory or ram to do so mucho clicking. What do I mean? I mean that when you click to start a program and it does not respond as quickly as you like, you click it again, which is going to slow it down more, als while doing this your demanding a certain amount of ram to do this and if its not there, your computer will freeze or crash. Also if you have just opened a program that is slowing you down or not responding, you can type Ctrl + Alt + Delete and end that program. This is nice because it could keep you from having to restart.

Another reason for freezing or crashing is having 2 Antivirus programs at the same time, and this is a guaranteed no, most will warn you first, but if they make it on you computer together, you will notice that you computer is barley functional, you wont even be able to click the start button and have your computer respond in some cases. Your goal here is to uninstall one of them and restart, then you will have your computer back. Do not get me wrong other software programs can conflict also and do same thing, in this case you goal is the same, to uninstall. Here is a little hint, if your computer suddenly freezes or is not responding well, ask your self, Did I let the computer boot completely before I started clicking, Did I just install any software at all. If you did, these will most likely be your culprit.

I can not stress this next part enough, you need to keep your system as neat and clean a possible, if you're not aware of the need to use these simple pc cleaning tools, let me enlighten you, once every couple of weeks depending on you computer usage. Clean, Scan, and Defrag your hard drive. These programs come with all Windows versions, Go to Start / All programs / Accessories / System Tools and you will see Disk clean up and Disk defragmenter . These programs are safe and need to be run occasionally. So if you have never used these, all I can say is OH-My-Goodness. You will notice a nice difference after, also be patient because they can take while.

I also highly recommend a Registry cleaner; I can not believe that Windows does not come with a registry cleaner. These programs are also safe and can take care of a lot of error messages, or corrupt files, missing dlls and tremendous amount of issues that may be hindering the speed of your computer. I personally use Registry Easy, because of the deep scan and the amount of features it has.

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