Great Schools in Dominican Republic


If you are planning to migrate to the Dominican Republic with your family or perhaps plan to have a very long vacation, you might want to consider about schools that are available in this country. Dominican Republic has numerous schools that use the English language as their primary language. Most people who are going to this country are enrolling their kids for the educational system in the Dominican Republic offers great opportunities for children’s learning and advance development.

There are several schools that you can choose from that will meet your standards for quality education. For one, there is the Santiago Christian School located in the second largest city in the country – Santiago. Said school is fully accredited by America and all lessons are being taught using the English language. The School has adapted an American educational system and majority of their employees are Americans. Santiago Christian School has an estimated 75% students from Dominican Republic and 25% from the United States. It offers Pre-K to high school education.

Another great school in the Dominican Republic is the Alic New World School located at the country’s capital – Puerto Plata City. Alic New World School is bilingual and uses Spanish and English as their primary mode of communication. Additionally, students are also allowed to take up French lessons. Said school is recommended for those who want to be multilingual.

Lastly, The Torre Alta Montessori School located also in Puerto Plata, is another bilingual school. Lessons are taught in Spanish and English. Students are assured that they would learn the two languages by the time they graduate in high school.


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