Top Dieting Secrets

In this article, we shall be examining the top diet tips that have been recommended by a lot of top dieticians to help us get and stay healthy and fit.

These tips include the following:

Secret 1- Do not drink more than one diet soda per day

Even though diet soda contains fewer calories than regular soda, it is still advisable to still limit the consumption of diet soda to just one drink per day. It is recommended that you should drink mostly plain water to rehydrate your body and quench your thirst if you want to become slim and fit.

Secret 2- Eat pizza at night

If you can eat pizza that is topped with vegetables instead of fatty meats, especially if the pizza also contains whole grain pizza crust, you will be supplying your body with a nutritious and fiber rich meal. You can also add extra pizza sauce which is very rich in phytochemicals that are present in tomatoes.

Secret 3- Do not eat breakfast cereals that contain less than 3 grams of fiber

Most cereals that contain more than 3 grains of fiber have low sugar content.

Secret 4- Increase your protein intake

It is advisable that you make proteins part of your every main meal. You can consume whey, soy, or egg white proteins as meal replacement smoothies.

Secret 5- Eat lots of vegetables and fruits

Try to add at least one vegetable and one fruit to all your major meals. You can also eat fruits and vegetables as snacks that you eat in between your major meals.

Secret 6- Limit your alcohol consumption

Alcohol contains lots of calories that are readily converted into visceral body fat so it advised to stop or limit your consumption of alcohol. If you want to continue to consume alcohol, you should limit your consumption to just one drink per day only on Friday and Saturday nights.

Secret 7- Take a good drink after dinner

If you top your dinner with a hot cup of low sugar tea or a cup of decaf latte, you will suppress your desert cravings so helping you to avoid eating cookies before you go to bed. If you can drink a low calorie or a no calorie beverage about one to two hours after dinner it will also help you to forget about munching cookies.

Secret 8-Eat nutritious snacks before dinner

You can make vegetable and fruit snacks that you can eat before dinner is ready. If you take these nutritious snacks, you will not be tempted to eat other sugar laden and less nutritious snacks before dinner.

By the way, are you interested in discovering more useful dieting information that you can use to shed off excess body weight?

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