Fast Article Marketing – Discover 6 Practical Ways to Increase Your Article Marketing

If you have recently discovered the power of article marketing, I would not have surprised to know that you are now thinking of increasing the number of your articles so you can better augment your website traffic. As you know, the success of your campaign depends not only on the quality of your articles but also on the quantity.

1. Develop a strategic plan on writing and submitting your articles. Set your daily working schedule to determine the number of articles you will write everyday. Also, allot at least 1 day for your article submission.

2. Motivate yourself to do more. Never get satisfied with the number of articles you write everyday. Try to write an additional 2-3 articles so you can create extra 14-21 articles per week. That would definitely create a big difference in your campaign.

3. Do not procrastinate. If you want to be more productive, you have to eliminate procrastination on your system. This will greatly pull down the number of your articles and may cut your online traffic in half.

4. Stay away from distractions. Loud music, phone ringing, friends chatting, or even your bed can distract you from writing and this can tremendously slow down the process. To prevent this from happening, I suggest that you work in a place where you can be alone and comfortable so you can be more productive.

5. Focus. Clear your mind and do not let your pressing issues distract you. Avoid the temptation of surfing the net or chatting with friends while writing your articles. The more focus you are, the more articles you can write.

6. Know your limits. Do not work too hard. If you are too exhausted to write additional articles, stop! This could affect the quality of your work and may hurt your credibility online.

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