If You Want Better Balance and Sustainability, Try Investing in a Little Time Management

Time Management will give you two things that may be missing in your life; balance and sustainability. I have been working with Time Management issues for more than 30 plus years and I learn things about time and how to manage it every day. It's funny how you can give more than 2,000 seminars on Time Management and find a new way to say the same thing. I guess the question is; is finding a new way to say the same thing a good or bad thing? You are the judge.

I believe what most people are missing in their lives is balance and achieving a sustainable life style. They go hand in hand, once you have a happy, fruitful life style; you want to be sure that what you are experiencing is sustainable over the long haul. Let's look at finding a balance in our lives first.


Balance is such a wide descriptive term; we need to narrow it down. When I refer to balance, I am talking about being able to have a happy medium between our work and our personal lives. With so many people working from home these days, the distinction between work and personal is even more blurred. As someone who works from home, I am always trying to find that happy balance.

I know one thing; you have to go and look for that happy place, a good balance. If you are not actively looking for it, you are probably not going to find it. Paying attention to your personal Time Management will allow you to plan segments of your time that you will allocate to activities that will give you a break from your business or job obligations.

You have to start to consciously set aside time that is strictly for recreation and personal activities. If you do not, you are headed for an imbalance that could upset the whole apple cart. We all have to have a chance to unwind and relax, even workaholics like myself. It took me a long time to realize that without a healthy balance, without some time to unwind, I was putting in far too many 10 hour days, and only accomplishing 5 hours worth of work. I was thinking that the hours I worked were more important than the work that was completed in those hours.

Time Management deals with managing our time, a fairly basic concept. Part of that managing concept is to be sure that we not only manage our time, but also make sure we get to enjoy that time along the way. The better we manage our time, the more of it that will become available to us and hopefully, we decide to spend some of that found new time in pursuits that refresh and recharge us.


As we look for a balance in our lives, we are also keeping an eye on the sustainability factor. When we find a life balance that we like, is that lifestyle sustainable, can we continue to live like this, and is it workable, doable? What is the point in working towards a life style that we may want if it is impractical for our current conditions? I suppose we all would like to retire at 30 to an island in the South Pacific, but can we sustain that dream, that lifestyle?

Time Management will play a key role in working through the implications of whatever lifestyle style choices you are considering making. Finding the proper balance between our business and personal lives is a process that we will be working on indefinitely. As I have said before, Time Management is a journey, not a destination.

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