XROAD V4100 GPS Review

Specifications: Features:

-4.3″ wide TFT Touch Screen LCD

-400MHz Samsung CPU

-Supports music (MP3), video (AVI), picture (JPEG), and game

-Internal GPS receiver (SIRFFIII/SIRFstarIII)

-2100mAH Battery

-Microsoft WinCE Core Version 5.0

-1.0 GB SD card preloaded with U.S map data

Accessories Included:

-CD with manuals & map data

-Quick Start Guide

-Windshield Suction Mount and Cradle

-Cigar-light power adaptor

-SD memory card

-Stylus pen

Test Area:This GPS unit was tested in the Upstate area of New York:





First Impression:The XROAD V4100 has smart sleek design. The 4.3″ screen is very nice. It looks contemporary and feels well built.


I opened the box and started using the XROAD V4100 without reading any instructions. I was able to figure out how to use all the basic functions in no time without any problems.

The GPS took a long time to acquire the satellite the first time I powered it on. It was a typical Rochester, NY day – heavy overcast. Afterwards, every time I turned on the V4100 it took only a few minutes to acquire the satellite signal.

Entering your desired destination is very easy. The readout and display of information is very intuitive. The road maps and directions are easy to see and follow. When it gets dark the V4100 automatically switches to night driving mode, which is nice and very easy on your eyes.

As I began using the V4100, it performed very well. It indicated an upcoming turn well in advance so that I had plenty of time to get into the correct lane. The voice prompts are clear and easy to understand. There is no volume level indicator when you go into navigation mode. I kept trying to turn the volume up without knowing if it was already on the maximum setting. With that being said, I think that this GPS unit could use some more volume. Sometimes it was difficult to hear especially if there is wind or traffic noise.

The V4100 is very accurate and did a good job in keeping up with my location on the road as I traveled around. Once it acquired the satellite signal, there were very few dropouts. It was very quick to recalculate my route when I missed a turn. So far I found the road maps to be quite good. The Point Of Interests (POI) is a bit lacking. It does include all major shopping malls and attractions.

I did not attempt to use the music or picture function of this GPS. Why would I want to play my music through the ¼” speaker of a GPS unit while traveling my car which has a stereo?

Conclusion:If you can get XROAD V4100 for under $150 it’s an excellent value. GPS performance is excellent and the voice prompts are great. It will get you were you want to go safely and accurately.


This unit comes only with US maps. If you travel across the border, this is not the unit for you.ed

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