Recruitment Marketing – How To Convert More Leads

You know the niche recruitment sector you want to dominate. You have it clear in your mind the pains and issues that your market faces on a daily basis. You know that you can deliver the right candidates that will make a difference to their companies' performance; yet they will not use you! Frustrating is not it? Especially when you have put in all that effort to get in front of them.

It's very common by the way and is a wonderful facet of human behavior. We like familiarity and unfortunately, for those of us who want to market our services; many people are quite happy with the status quo.They also shock horror … do not trust us.

Think about it from their perspective (hint always useful when planning your marketing). Many people are risk averse so changing supplier is considered risky; unless they are an absolute plonker! Or are not delivering. This is where many people give up; making the wrong assumption that there is no chance of ever being considered.
Well hang on buddy, not so fast. You just need a plan. No doubt you have put in time, effort and probably cash to acquire this lead; now you need to nurture them.

It is a well-known fact that 'people', prospects, potential clients; whatever you want to call them need warm up to you and your offer. You do that by building a relationship that over time will get you client to such a point that they will give you an opportunity.

This strategy works in any industry; the truth is most people give up. The data gives us clues about the level of contact that people need. It is a minimum of 5-7 points of contact; probably more if you are dealing with a larger client who is likely to put multiple jobs your way or even possibly turn into an RPO situation.

So how do you warm them up? With today multiple communication channels it is a lot easier. You do not have to pick up the phone all the time. In fact I would suggest interferse that with everything else that you do. Here is a basic plan for you to get you on the path.

1. Have your ducks in a row

If you are pitching for business makes sure your brand has a bit of spit and polish added! People are impressed or not by how things look.

This may take a little longer and be a work in progress; make sure your website speaks into the clients you want to attract; fonts colors functionality. If you have been working in a market for a while this might not be a huge issue for you; yet. It will be over time and if you want to attract some new clients it will need to be in your plan.

If you are 'pitching' get yourself a branded PowerPoint template. I remember a number of years ago having three recruitment agencies present to me and their presentation spoken volumes about each company; often it is the small things like this that can make a difference.

2. Plan in advance

Have a contingency plan in place if they say no. How will you respond? Ask if you can put them into a special database you have where you share useful content. Being able to respond quickly like this will have an impact. Remember not everyone is ready to buy straight away.

3. Keep going

Marketing your recruitment company will build credibility for you and your brand as long as you do it consistently. Something many recruiters are unfortunately not known for, hint, you could really stand out here if you take action on this. As momentum builds good 'stuff' starts to happen. Having a blast of promotion for a month works too; remember though that it is the consistent approach that will deliver in the long run.
You see that reflected in every walk of life; the personal development guru's call it a universal law.

Last night I was watching a weight loss program on Sky; I need to lose quite a few pounds! In that context a crash diet before a trip to Turkey might bring a quick win. Yet stopping the biscuits in the morning and reducing portion size will bring more sustainable results and benefits in the long term.

So how will this help you convert that lead that basically says no? They get an experience of you that demonstrates what you have to offer in a totally different way. It is unobtrusive, less threatening and enables them to make up their own mind about you. Ready to give it go? …

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