Internet Marketing – What Does List Building Have to Do With Exceptional Internet Marketing?

Once upon a time, exceptional internet marketing mean traffic and conversion rate. When email marketing was in its infancy, the only people who needed to build lists were the list brokers. Internet marketers could buy leads and names and emails to do their internet marketing.

Now that mailing unsolicited commercial emails is a crime, internet marketers have to build and maintain their own lists.

So what does building have to do with being an exceptional internet marketer?

To be a well-rounded internet marketer, you have to have the ability to contact prospects repeatedly in a strategic environment. You can not rely on one-time visitors. Returns can be 10x higher with a list than a one-time hit.

No matter your web site sales conversion ratio, the end-product sales conversion can be higher with a list.

So how does the exceptional internet marketer utilize list building?

The exceptional internet marketer:

1) Chooses to drive traffic to squeeze pages where main focus is conversion of visitors to subscribers, not buyers.

2) Learns to craft excellent email marketing campaigns that drive subscriber traffic to carefully scripted sales pages designed to convert a higher percentage of subscribers than would normally be converted on a cold-visitor driven sales page.

3) Treasures and protects his email marketing list, realizing that his list has far more value than his sales page, web site, or domain name.

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