Affililate Marketing Tips Providing You Affiliate Marketing Help

Ok … you have decided you want to be an affiliate marketer. Many people have become affiliate marketers and changed their life for the better. Just think about how easy it could be to replace your current salary if you take the time to build up your sales to 100 sales a month at 30 dollars a piece you would be making 3000 dollars a month, which translates to 36,000 dollars annually. Let me give you some points to get you to this point.

Email Marketing is key in any affiliate marketing program. It takes 6 to 7 contracts with your prospect client to make a sale. Make sure the affiliate program you become a part of an email marketing campaign. The email marketing campaign will ensure that your past marketing efforts pay off in the future.

A well written sales page is a must. It sounds stupid, but take the time to read several sales pages. If you read the sales page and you would buy one product over the other, then you should go with your gut. If the sales page sells you then chances are it will sell others.

Be the authority! Be an expert! It may sound weird to say that you are an expert with only 3 months experience but the truth is you still have more experience than the client your addressing. You do not need to fake it till you make it because you are already there. Be the expert, people will fall in line and give you the results your looking for.

Only advertise products that can be profitable. My rule of thumb is to only advertise other people's products, if I (the affiliate) will make as much or more than the webmaster. Live by these numbers and you will be in good shape. The Commission for an information product should be 50% and 10-15% for physical merchandise.

Do you like getting paid over and over again? Yes, so do I. Try to be an affiliate of a membership site. This way your affiliate contracts will have more of a snowball effect. If you grab 2 sales your first month, 2 sales your second month and 3 sales your third month, in your 4th month minimum you are getting paid for 7 sales (assuming you get no sales for your 4th month and no one cancels their membership). If your sales are canceling their memberships right away you may want to consider a new affiliate program. If people are canceling their memberships within the first to third month that program has little to offer and you should move your efforts to a better affiliate marketing program.

Here is your 5 tips to affiliate marketers success:

1. Good email marketing campaign 2. Well written sales program 3. Be the expert! 4. Get paid at least half of what the webmaster makes on pure sale (a sale the webmaster makes by himself) 5. Recurring billing … it feels good to get paid over and over again!

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