How To Be A Better Basketball Player – 2 Bad Habits That You Need To Break

Basketball is an enjoyable sport, but the pursuit of becoming a better basketball player can be challenging.

There are so many bad habits that can be easily picked if you do not take the time to analyze your performances on the basketball court. You need to make an effort to record yourself playing basketball or ask someone to evaluate your game and let you know what bad habits you need to break and what good habits you need to develop.

One bad habit that you're probably dealing with is over-thinking. Over-thinking is a habit that once broken can turn a 10 point per game player into a 20 point per game player. I'm not kidding when I say that basketball is really a mental sport.

How else can you explain how some players are able to score lots of points despite not being very athletic gifted? It is because they're mentally strong. It takes a mentally strong person to step on the court and score 20+ points despite the fact that he / she is not athletically gifted.

There are some players who are very athletically gifted and skilled but they can not score 20 points to save their lives.

Basketball is a game where you have to trust your instincts. You do not have enough time to think about your next move or decide how you're going to get past the defense; you just have to do it. The amount of practice and experience you've had are the only things you can rely on once you get on the basketball court.

You should not be over-thinking anything. Whenever you notice that you're over-thinking, the best thing to do is stop thinking and start trusting your instincts. You need to trust yourself to make the right decision, and if you make the wrong decision then you must learn from it and move on.

Over-thinking is for beginners. Once you've learned the basics and fundamentals of basketball you should not be over-thinking.

Another bad habit that is also related to over-thinking is trying new moves in an actual game.

The worst time in the world to try something new is when you're actually playing in an organized basketball game. Not only are you risking a turnover or embarrassment, but you're also causing confusion for your teams.

Leave the new moves for practice. If you have never used a move in practice, you should not be using it in a game. For example, if you were to do a no-look pass in a game to your teammate, there is a high probability that it will lead to a turnover simply because your teammate is not used to you making those types of passes (it does not ' t matter if you make a perfect pass because your teammate will not expect it).

So, make an effort to avoid these two bad habits. Do not over-think and do not try new moves in organized basketball games. The best way to prevent these habits is to practice religiously and master your moves before you try them in a game.

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