Practices, Performance Or People – Determine If It’s a Business Practice or Self Storage Training

These days our consulting and training practices are busier then ever! Why? Because our strategy is to become part of the solution not sell something that you don’t need. Let me explain…if you have a delinquency rate of 25% do you have a people performance, training or business practice issue? From our perspective you have first a business practice issue and secondly a people performance measurement and expectation issue. Once solutions to these issues have been embedded in your business, THEN you might have a self storage training or HOW TO issue.

For instance, when creating solutions to correct delinquency we’ll ask you to expound on your business practices such as your auto debit/credit solutions for your tenants. Further, we might assess the kind of information you capture during the leasing process, how often you keep this information updated and what kind of late fee you assess. These are all business practice issues.

From here, we would then look at how you’re measuring the performance of your staff (an in depth look at this is forthcoming). Ask yourself: What are my expectations for my staff and how do I FORMERLY communicate these? Do I have a metric and measurement system in place that my staff understands? How often do I FORMERLY conduct a performance appraisal?

And, did you know there are certain personalities who will out-perform others? For instance, if you’ve decided to start a records management business, you must hire someone who’s more sales driven, persistent yet professional because that person will be interfacing with law firms, doctors, CPAs and other professionals. So then what does their job description say?

There are countless performance management criteria you need to address…and all of this before we conduct…self storage training! From our experience the key to driving success in a manager-centric industry like ours is how well we train our people (assuming everything upstream is done correctly). What discrepancies do they have in their performance based on the expectations previously communicated to them? How often do you train them? What kind of self storage training do you conduct? What are the various training delivery processes can you incorporate without negatively affecting your business.

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