How Do Torrents Work?


This type of sharing of videos involves many people. The people pas their videos or files all around the world though the World Wide Web. This has become very popular in the last couple of years. The young people are the ones who use this website to download movies. And most of these youngsters are students.

Using bittorrent to download movies that are most of the time pirated violates copyright laws and many students are among those who are breaking laws. The working principle of torrents is quite different than the traditional way of file sharing. In the traditional way of sharing of any file, we need to go to the website and search for the file using the name of the file. You will have the option download file. You can click on it and the file will start getting downloaded. The time taken will depend on the size of the file. Once it gets downloaded, it can be accessed and used whenever we wish. It is a transfer from the central server to the computer of the user.

On the other hand, torrents adopt a different procedure to transfer files. The torrent is a group or bunch of small fragments of a file. If any one notices that he or she wants a certain file in the server, the download button can be clicked. The file does get downloaded but in bits and pieces. The whole file will be got when the downloading has been completed. But it will be got from different sources.

Whereas in the traditional way the file is got from one source, in torrents it is from many sources and the fragments are put together to compile into a single file. Actually thousands of computers will be accessing the same file and that is made available to other people. This helps in speeding up the downloading and this gets bunched together and made into a bigger unit. This file then can be transferred to other people too. And this process continues and many people can get the benefit of getting some good files.

The transfer speed can vary many a time and this may depend on various other factors, for example, on the type of protocol, the number of computing systems that are downloading, and also on the amount of traffic on the server. Some people do not allow the sharing to happen and it may be called as leeching. Taking the benefit but do not allow the transfer. Thus better quality files can be downloaded using this website.


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