Being Sensitive Pushes Me Further

Sensitive to all that is around me brings me the ideals of compassion, love and belonging. This has become more pronounced than any other time in my life/

In the true essence of who we are, where we seek to see the good in all, as a sensitive I imagine, like myself, we will encounter the darkness of a society that centers its attention on consumerism and commercialism.

To wonder if it just okay to have more feelings to those around us. Though often because of our sensitivity, we can judge others by what they see for themselves. It is not for us to judge others for who they really are and want to be. That is their choice (!)

The painful experiences of being sensitive has lent itself to believe more about myself that it is okay. Values will differ often causing disharmony in relationships, and sometimes friendships lost.

There are fears of being alone in this world often show themselves. The confronting feelings of stepping out, becoming more visible in the world and most of all, being heard. This can haunt most of most of us who are sensitive. The extreme energies of conflict, disasters and political challenges are confronting us daily.

You may have guessed this, I stand quiet most days not wanting to speak up or express myself. My progress halts in all the dreams and visions I have held.

My every thought, feeling and actions halt being not wanting to share the real me, making it easier to hide out.

Those who are sensitive may be also feeling every feeling around them, often getting knocked over and often being mis-understood.

Painful as it is

Although uncomfortable as it is to step out, I choose now to embrace this impulse to stand with the shadow that haunts me.

I now embrace my sensitivity. This is who I am. And yes it is possible to stand out and become a more expressive person- to be me.

I give myself permission to step out of cold – yet I don’t no where this will go.

I am dealing with being sensitive.

That is okay. I give myself permission to be worn out of habit patterns that no longer serve me, and I am consciously creating new patterns of behavior which support and enhance the rhythms and joys of my new life.

I celebrate God’s Wisdom as my own, who helps me deal with where I stand as a sensitive, knowing that I am an expression of love, goodness, and compassion. And so it is!

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