4 Tips on How to Scream Better

Here are a few tips that hardcore and metal vocalists can take with them when considering how to scream better. As much as tons of kids think that there’s a “magical secret” that hones your voice into a metal monster from hell, that’s simply not the case unfortunately. It takes a little dedication, hard-work, and time (yep, you won’t be able to pick fights with Tim Lambesis of As I Lay Dying just yet)

1. If it hurts, you’re doing it wrong.

Sure you can wail like a hellion, but you can’t talk for the next few hours. That’s not the correct way to attempt how to scream better. If things start to hurt, that should motivate you to try new things. Learn to picture your voice coming out of your nose rather than your throat. Honestly, this change of visualization has effects on how your throat will create sounds.

2. Support your screams with lots of air.

Now, when I say this, don’t try to suck the crowd surfers’ shoes off with a giant gulp of air, thinking that you’re going to let it out like a metal lord. Bring the air in, expanding your stomach and keeping your shoulders perfectly still! You’ll only negate your air flow using your shoulders. Don’t let all the air out at once either. Use your gut like a little reserve tank. This tip is overlooked sometimes when considering how to scream better.

3. Practice on your own.

This rule goes with everything else in life. Practice makes perfect. Yea, I’m using a cliché only because it’s true when learning how to scream. You can’t expect to make a progression in your voice if you only scream twice a week at band practice. When you’re driving to school or the mall, slip in a cd of your favorite metal or screamo band and practice. You’ll see the improvements soon enough. Plus, it’s fun to see the reactions from other cars.

4. Wear earplugs.

Now, I LIVE by this rule. Lots of screamers will argue, “I can’t get into the music” or “I can’t hear anything.” Those are just excuses. Have you ever worn earplugs and talked to someone? You might have noticed that there’s a great deal of reverberation inside of your own head. This is HIGHLY beneficial to you because it will let you know just how much rasp and effort you can give without straining your voice. Think about the time when the venue you played had monitors that didn’t let you hear anything. Now you can hear yourself just fine.

These are just a few tips that a lot of the most idolized screamers take to heart. As much as it sucks, learning how to scream better isn’t quick. It can take weeks or maybe even months, but don’t give up! There’s a demon inside all of us.

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