Bulk CD Cases

Often times there are a lot of CDs that have to be stored in one place. There are various bulk CD cases available on the market to do that. The various types of CD cases available for storing more than one CD are jewel cases, sleeves, cones, spindles, spirals, pouches, files, etc. The number of CDs that can be stored in these ranges from two to often hundreds in one spindle.

The most popular of the bulk CD cases are the jewel cases. However, jewel cases cannot really be called a bulk CD case because it can only store two to four CDs. A true bulk CD case is the pouch that is available on the market. These pouches come in various sizes and shapes and can hold anywhere from ten to a hundred CDs. It is not feasible to go in for a pouch that stores more since it becomes heavy, bulky, and extremely difficult to carry around.

If one had to carry CDs ranging from 10 to 100 one can go in for purchase a CD case file. These files have pouches attached to the center spine and can store CDs safely and conveniently. In the case of CD files, because of the larger size, the weight is more evenly distributed and is therefore easier to carry along.

However, if one intends to store more than 100 CDs, one can do well to store them in a spiral case. These are available almost everywhere, and since they use much less plastic compared to jewel cases, there are extremely favorable from an environment perspective. These spiral cases have a thick cylindrical spine in the centre for taking in the CDs. The CDs are piled one over the other in this spindle.

Though this is often the cheapest way to store a large number of CDs together, this may not be too favorable since unlike the CD file this does not allow one to go through them quickly when one is searching for a particular CD. The possibility of causing a scratch on a CD is also there. However, if the intention is to store the CD for a long period of time without anyone touching it, it is a very good option since it occupies the least space of all the bulk CD cases.

Bulk CD cases come in a number of varieties. The choice is eventually yours, which again depends upon your taste and needs.

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