York Rowing Machines Review

A York rowing machine is a great investment for any level of rower. This manufacturer offers high quality rowers at affordable prices guaranteed to give you a great full body workout every time. Each model features a built in LCD display allowing you to know where you are in reaching your fitness goals.

Prior to making your purchase, be sure to check out some York rowing machines reviews. These reviews will give you user feedback from actual users rather than just taking the word of the manufacturer. Your time and money is valuable and you need to be sure you are making a sound investment in a fitness machine which will provide you with years of quality workouts.

The York R520 Multi Use Rower is a great machine for a complete full body workout every time. This model features multiple exercises including rowing, bicep curls, shoulder shrugs, and upright rowing. These additional exercises allow you to build your upper body strength without purchasing additional equipment. It features 12 resistance levels allowing you to increase the intensity of your workout as you build strength. Its lightweight build makes it easy to take it with you so you can always feel your best.

The R700 Rower features extremely smooth rowing through a combination of magnetic and air resistance. It features an adjustable rowing handle allowing for maximum comfort during your workouts. The seat track is retractable allowing for easy storage when not in use. The built in monitor displays your distance, calories burned, and stroke index letting you keep track of where you are in your workout routine.

The York 2 in 1 Cycle/Rower offers two great workouts at one great price. It can easily be switched from a cycle to a rower. You can experience a complete cardiovascular workout- toning both your upper and lower body with this one piece of equipment. This product features 8 levels of resistance through magnetic tension and has an adjustable seat for users of different heights.

Some consumers have complained of issues with the computer monitor. Given the low price you will pay for a rower from this company, some issues may arise. For those who have had issues, the company does try to resolve the issue quickly although this can be a hassle, especially if you need to send your machine back at your own expense.

A York Fitness rowing machine will help you increase your overall health through cardiovascular exercise while also toning and sculpting your muscles. They take great pride in offering high quality machines at prices affordable to most everyone.

When you choose a York rowing machine, you can feel confident that you are making a wise investment. You will enjoy years of rowing right from your own home. For less than the cost of a gym membership, you can experience a full body workout every time with just one machine.

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