Cat Biting – 4 Reasons Why Cats Will Bite You

Cat biting is a common behavioral problem some owners have to deal with. This can be very upsetting for some cat owners and can even be a dangerous situation. Here are 4 reasons why cats bite.

1. The cat is injured, sick, or in pain. Cats that are suddenly more aggressive, might be trying to cover for the fact that they are sick or injured. It is a natural reaction in the animal kingdom to cover any trace of weakness. Animals that appear injured in the wild are easy prey for bigger animals.

2. The cat is fearful of something. A fear response in a cat will cause biting and scratching. Anyone who has tried to carry a cat past a barking dog will know what this is like. If your cat is acting fearful it is best to confine it until they can calm down.

3. Redirected aggression. Sometimes cats will redirect their aggression towards you. This could be caused by stray cats hanging around outside the window. Another possible cause of this is boredom. Some cats have a lot of built up energy and not enough outlets to release this energy so they will often start biting your toes.

4. Play biting. Sometimes kittens that are orphaned or separated from their litter too soon will not understand how to play properly. Kittens learn to guard their teeth and claws with playing with other kittens as to not harm them. If they do not have this opportunity they may harm you during play and not even realize it, which leads to adult cat biting problems.

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