The Vision Improvement Benefits Of Eyebright

One of the ways that you can improve your vision is to ensure that your eyes are fed the right nutrition. One important aspect of the nutritional care of your eyes consists of herbs that are useful in improving your eyesight and treating various eye problems. Eyebright is an example of a vision herb used to improve vision health. Eyebright is a popular herbal remedy used to treat a variety of eye ailments. Eyebright is a member of the figwort family. Eyebright can be used for medicinal purposes associated with treating eye conditions. The ingredients in eyebright include Vitamins B, C, E, Beta -Carotene and antioxidants such as Flavonoids to name a few. Therefore, here are some of the eye health benefits of eyebright along with other applications for certain aspects of general health care as well:

Eye Health Benefits: This herb has medicinal purposes in relieving eye ailments such as eye inflammation, Blepharitis (inflammation of the eyelids), pink eye, cataracts and strained eyes as well. Its medicinal healing properties also extend to treating health conditions such as Bronchitis, colds and allergies. These treatments for eye ailments are prepared as natural herbal home remedies involving the use of Eyebright herbs with natural concoctions to make eyebright tea.

A study conducted by the University of Maryland has uncovered medicinal purposes of eyebright due to its nutritional content. These healing benefits include antibacterial and fluid-drying properties that makes it useful in the treatment of pink eye. Another study conducted by The Journal of Alternative and Complementary Medicine also revealed that test subjects who took 1-5 drops daily of Euphrasia eye drops consisting of eyebright, actually saw their pink eye symptoms completely eliminated.

May Help With Memory: This herb consists of antioxidants such as Beta- Carotene and Flavonoids which are not only useful in protecting and improving eyesight but they are also helpful in improving mental skills and cognitive abilities. They are also useful in improving your memory.

Helps Relieve Skin Problems: Eyebright has healing properties that are useful in treating skin problems such as acne and irritated skin. Such treatments also include natural home remedies. These involve applying eyebright poultice and cold eyebright tea onto the affected areas.

Herbal remedies consisting of eyebright are an essential aspect of eye care and vision improvement. When it comes to taking care of your eyes these herbal remedies include a wide array of healing properties that relate to the treatment of pink eye, eye irritation and eye inflammations. These are made with special herbal concoctions to make eyebright tea that are useful in protecting and maintaining eye health.

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