Article Marketing Tips – 3 Reasons Why Traditional Article Marketing is Dead


Article marketing is not like it used to be. If you have written some articles and submitted them recently, you should know what I'm talking about. Gone are days when you can write a few articles and immediately get traffic in droves to your site.

Strategy is more important than ever for now. Yes, article marketing can still work if you do it right. So, if you heard others who claim it else, they do not know what they're talking about.

Why is it different now?

1. Duplicate content filtering
Search engine are clamping down harder than ever on duplicate content. If suddenly 100 sites have the same content published, they raised a yellow or red flag. The filter will automatically drops some entries.

You may submit to hundreds of directories but they are just an exercise in futility.

2. Anchor text spam
Search engines know that anchor text can be vulnerable. If someone is trying to manipulate search rankings using traditional article marketing, they will know it because all, if not most, of the articles are using exactly the same anchor text.

3. Irrelevant themed links
Getting inbound links from gardening sites for an article related to rose gardening can be natural, but a bunch of occurrences in nothing but irrelevant them web sites is a no-no. It is another sign of search engine rankings manipulation.

Writing a few articles and submitting them to as many directories as you can is the old way that should be avoided at all cost.

If you still use that method, it is time to renew your ammo. Remember, it still works and will always be if you do that right.


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