Beat Michael Jordan By These Basketball Exercises

Imagine running through the basketball court, the crowd's cheering, your hands' sweating, you keep an eye to the ball as you dribble through the goal, but when you are about to jump … oops you can not do it! Well you can not dream of becoming the next basketball superstar if you can not work on your jumping skill which is proper basketball exercises must be done.

Remember that before you do any kind of exercise, the need for stretches is imperative. One of the parts you exercise is your hamstring which is located at the back of your upper thigh. Working on this muscle is needed for you to be able to jump and move around properly. You should also stretch your calf to protect your shin. This is easily done by leaning against the wall then putting head on your hands while you slowly bring your knee forward to the wall. The other leg should be straight and keep the other foot on the floor always. Basically, there are other kinds of stretches that you should do before you work on your basketball exercises. Be sure to work on them too.

Perhaps the most famous among basketball exercises is the squats. Known as an effective way to increase your vertical jump, through this, you should be able to do the jump rightly. Begin with an athletic stance then see to it that the bar is across your back and not on the neck. Put chest out and back must slightly lean forward. Knees must be above the feet then squat yourself into a parallel position in a way that your weight will be on your heels.

Indeed, coaches always talk about the need for basketball exercises to get the best out of each player. This is the reason why every player is required to join a team practice wherein all they do is exercise. As you know, basketball is a team sport since what you do will reflect on your group. So be sure to practice patience as you go through all these exercise routines because this way you can come closer to your dream of being the best big thing.

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