Skinny Jeans Vs Jeggings


The great debate still rages on. Even though jeggings are taking hold of the street fashion world and anchor themselves in for the long haul, there are still detractors decrying their hideousness every chance they get. With both styles being so similar, it’s easy to get lost in a sea of skinnies.

The Skinny Jean

The classic skinny jean is tighter than a straight leg cut. Instead of going straight down from thigh to ankle, the skinny cut tapers in even tighter at the ankle for a super snug fit. Made of pure denim, these jeans are true jeans meaning that due to their very narrow cut, they can be the ultimate challenge to get on and off. Just pulling them over feet can turn into a workout. On the plus side, being actual thick denim, there are actual pockets and no underwear lines, which make for a more versatile pair of jeans. Without the panty line or leggings look, you can pair these jeans with anything from a longer tunic to a short shirt without any worries.

The Jeggings

True critics of these jean leggings will tell you no one can wear them except maybe, possibly a super skinny model-type. That is where the critics are wrong. Jeggings are just slightly tighter than skinny jeans only because of their elastic material, but with each season the designers are getting much better at creating truly faux jeans. The first generation of jeggings had a decidedly legging look, but now the different jean washes, faux and real pockets, and even flys added are making it a true challenge to determine if it’s super skinny jeans or jeggings. With the more jeans-like quality coming from jeggings, there is no need to only wear long thigh-length shirts with them anymore. If you feel comfortable in jeggings, treat them just like real jeans and wear what you want.

In the end, the newest generation of jeggings is becoming a big rival to the classic skinny jean. Not only are jeggings more comfortable, but they’re also tighter for that great second skin look. Whichever way you choose to go, remember that jeggings are no longer a dirty word.


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