6 Simple Considerations Before Purchasing Honda Cars

When searching for a new or used car, purchasing Honda cars can be a very solid option. Honda has been making cars since the 1970's and producing cars in the United States since 1982. Here are some things to consider when looking at a new or used Honda:

# 1 Reliability

They have always been considered very reliable. In fact, Honda makes more engines than any other company in the world when you included motorcycles, generators, and lawnmowers. So they know what they are doing when it comes to engines and the stories of Hondas running into the 300,000 miles range are very common.

# 2 Resale value

Go ahead and check Edmonds or Kelley Blue Book. Hondas keep their value across the board better than any other company.

# 3 Green

The Association of Concerned Scientists has rated Honda as the Greenest Car maker in the world.

# 4 Fuels Efficient

Across the whole line up of vehicles, they have got some of the top rated fuel efficient cars in each class, including two hybrid vehicles and third being released soon. They were also the first company to introduce a hybrid into the US market back in 1999. (The 2000 Insight) The Civic Hybrid gets in the mid 40's as far as fuel efficiency goes and the brand new 2010 Insight can get well into the 50's according to Car and Driver in its industry first 'ECO' mode.

# 5 Safety

"Safety for everyone" is Hondas motto. Safety features are standard on Hondas. You never pay extra for safety

# 6 American made

Excluding the hybrid models, all Hondas are made in the United States. They have manufacturing plants in Marysville, OH, East Liberty, OH, Greensburg, IN, and Lincoln, AL. These are just some of the features and benefits of the Honda line. This is simply for your information and you need to do research and your own due diligence whenever you are going to purchase a car or truck. Knowledge is power.

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