15 Ways to Say Thank You for Your Business

1 Phone Call

2 Email

3 Post card

4 Greeting Card

5 Flowers

6 Gift basket

7 Logo Merchandise

8 Magazine subscription

9 Livestock

10 Discount on next product purchase or future service call

11 Party

12 Lunch or Dinner meeting

13 Event tickets

14 Personal gift

15 Personal visit

With the end of the year coming up fast, many businesses are looking for a way to say to their customers “Thank you for your business”.

Here are 15 gift category considerations to assist you in choosing just the right thing to show your customer appreciation and to let them how thankful you are for their business.

Personalized Message

– Phone call – While this is not the best choice, it needs to be mentioned as with all the electronic communication that goes on these days, sometimes even just a real, live phone call can have special meaning.

– eMail – While this may seem to be an extremely insincere method of communicating a “Thank You” gesture, it happens all the time!

– Greeting card – This method is very popular because of its low cost, and general acceptance as a sincere form of acknowledgement.

– Post card – While not as personal, for many businesses this is still a preferred method. Just don’t send one from where YOU are vacationing from on the profits you made on their business!

– Personal visit – Nothing makes more of an impression, especially with a long distance business relationship, than to just show up in person and say “Thanks!”.


– Company logo merchandise – There are many was to show your appreciation of a clients business properly, and still leave a strong impact on the client while marketing your business. Yes, if you can think it up, a company can put your logo on it.

– Flowers – Depending on the client, flowers are an excellent choice as this gesture is widely accepted as a personal way to reach a client with your message of gratitude.

– Gift basket – There are so many wonderful ways to express your thankfulness with a gift basket, as each one can be custom tailored to a specific clients interests.

– Magazine subscription – This may not necessarily be your first choice, but what better way to show a client all year long that you truly appreciate the business they are doing with you, but it is a constant reminder throughout the year of who they ARE doing business with.

– Event tickets – Whether this would include such things as say a sporting event, a performing arts venue, or any other entertainment event occasion, this type of gift can make a very lasting impression if chosen correctly.

– Personal gift – This is probably the strongest way to show a client that you not only are grateful for their business, but that you are also appreciative of the personal relationship you’ve built between them and that you know them well enough to be able to make an appropriate decision about what they’ really like.

– Livestock – Just for fun, it used to be a widely accepted practice to give livestock as a gesture of thanks, and in many countries and cultures it still is. If you’re in a country setting and if you have a chicken coop, a dozen eggs might be appreciated. Be sure to do the appropriate and necessary research before choosing to go down this road!

Business Incentive

– Discount on next purchase or service call- This is a great way to encourage an ongoing business relationship, if used appropriately. If your level of service or quality has not been up to snuff lately, this can come across as an extremely rude gesture.

Personal Interaction

– Business lunch or dinner- This gesture, if done right, can build a strong bond between you and the client that can last for years. An extreme example could be an invitation to a local, highly rated restaurant, with limousine service from the client’s residence and back afterwards… very classy!

– Party – This can be an arrangement for the client and their staff, either in office or away. Or it can be a more personalized invitation to a more exclusive event hosted by yourself or another party.

Knowing how to say “thank you for your business” to show client appreciation is as much an art form as it is a business gesture. It is a reflection of you as a person, you as your business, and you as an exceptional entrepreneur. Because saying thank you is easy to do, and so easy to do wrong, be sure to know your customer, as your method of saying “thank you” may be a reflection of how well you do not know your customer.

Well, here’s to your gift-giving decision-making. May you make the right choices that not only fit your budget, but also to break the bank of your client’s expectations!

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