4 Tips to Measure Ring Size Accurately and Secretly


If you have picked out the perfect diamond and ring design you want, with surprising proposal idea, what you need to do now is to hunt for her ring size. The proposal will be completely perfect and sweet if the ring she put on is completely fit to her ring finger. Here are some tips which you can measure the ring size accurately in a secret way.

1. Sleeping = under your control: This is the most recommended way as all are under your control when she is sleeping! While she is sleeping tightly in the middles of the night, wrap the strap of paper around her finger and put a mark on the overlapped part. Measure the length from the paper. You can bring the measurement to the jewelry shop or online store and they will know the size. This method works the best if she is deep sleeper or when she is deadly tired on the day. Anyway, it is not surprising that the actual ring size is much smaller than the paper measurement, as paper cannot be as accurate as the real try. It is advisable that after getting your ring, re-test again while she asleep.

2. Measure from her existing ring: Most of the girls keep accessories and hopefully she keeps ring too. She may once a while take off the ring, and that it is a good time for you to measure the ring size. You may also peep into her jewelry box and measure it. Make sure that the existing ring fit well into her ring finger on left hand.

3. Ask her close friends or mother: Ask her closest friends or mother about her ring size, as they might have given her ring as present in the past. If they don’t, ask her closest friend to bring her to a shopping mall and try on ring at any booth for fun. You may also have her mother to show her antique/ new ring and ask her to try on. The closest people of her are always the best person to measure the ring size without her knowing of the real intention!

4. Testing ring for my mother: If you have no common friend with her, you may want to try this way. Telling her that you want to buy ring for your mother or sister, and you need her opinion. Visit a jewelry shop and try on for fun! From there you can know her ring size while she is trying on the ring. Do practice your acting skill in prior to that as woman is the most sensitive creature in the earth!

30 days ring resizing period: If you buy diamond ring through online store, there is always a 10 – 30 days period limit for the ring resizing, and your proposal plan may be longer than that. If you want to confirm the ring size before your proposed, there is a way!

You may try to put on the ring on her finger secretly when she is sleeping soundly in the middle of the night. After all, send back for resizing until the size is correct. Put on slowly and gently, so that your girlfriend is not wakening up by the pre-proposal testing!

Few Tips:

1. Gold, white gold, single color is easy to be resized.

2. Remember to test on the ring finger on her left hand. Most of the time, the size of left and right finger and knuckles may not be the same.

3. Paper sizer is always better than thread. Thread or any elastic measurer can easily be stretched and off by sizes.

4. If you are stuck between two size measurements, go for the larger size as it is easier to reduce the ring size than enlarge it.


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