Factors to Be Considered Before Writing Business & Resume Letters


Writing a very impressive and appealing letter is one of the most daunting tasks. Most of the people go through a hard time whenever they need to write a letter, especially when a person is writing a professional letter than writing it to the family or the friends.

Letter writing is an art and it can be as simple and short as a paragraph which we generally sent in the email or in response to an inquiry or as long as the elaborated letter about describing anything. While writing these letters, the basic thing which should be kept in mind is how to represent that you are a professional and intelligent as well.

There are following types of letters which generally needed to write are Professional, Cover, Resume and Business letters. The first step of writing a professional one is to find a template. The best way of finding such professional letter is internet or in a book. Simple written are the best or go for the letter which appeals your style the most.

The professional type begins with the date on the right side of the very first line of the page. Almost all of the professional types should be typed unless it is almost impossible. Skip a line and enter the recipient’s company name and address. Skip one more line and give your salutation. If you want to make a great impression through them avoid writing ‘Dear Sir or Madam’ or ‘To whom it may concern’. These greetings give sense that you do not even bother to find whom it does concern. Avoid any sort of spelling mistakes as nobody appreciates any spelling mistakes in his or her name.

Now you need to write down about the business. The first draft should contain the thoughts and ideas without consideration of order. Your paragraph should be well organized and should not contain any extraneous fluff. The paragraph should describe the situation you are writing about.

The second paragraph should point out about the request or about the solution. If you are writing a complaint letter, you need to be very specific about the solution.

The final paragraph must be a thanks giving and should contain time or time frame for response.

Another Important type which is very popular among the people is the cover or resume letter. A lot of sample covers are available in the internet but some special characteristics differentiate them from others. You just need to determine what sort of resume or covering letter will be best for you.

The first and the foremost thing about these are that they should not contain any spelling mistakes or grammatical errors and should be in formal and sophisticated in its layout.

The resume and cover sample which you have selected should be flexible and can be easily customize according to your requirements. Make sure that the cover letter which you have selected should not be copied word to word.

Never pick up any free sample resume from the site as it may be a template and could be picked up by several others.


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