How To Stop Hospital Infections And School Acquired Infections of Children

It is well known that the deadly germs, MRSA (methicillin resistant Staph A.), as well as VRE (Vancomycin resistant enterrocci) are growing in abundance and getting stronger against the very best antibiotics. The ability of the pathogens to adapt, mutate, and kill is causing great harm for society.

Also known is the biggest cause of absentism in schools, child care, or kindergartens is due to acquiring infections from other sick children. The germs are in the air and on surfaces waiting to infect another child.

Both these situations can be controlled easily by using the one form of antibactericidal energy that has never produced any new germ mutation and has stood the test of time. There is no pathogen on the planet that it does not kill. That energy is ultraviolet C (UVC) range ( 254 nanometer ) light. There is no germ that is or has ever been on this planet that has mutated to a stronger germ after exposure to UVC.

UVC light can be generated from light bulbs, specially treated, and only require the energy one would use on standard light bulbs. The light itself kills all germs, virus, molds, spores, from it’s source, through the air, to the contact surface areas. It can be used to cleanse a room at night safely by simply turning the fixture/canister on and leaving it on for a few minutes. The strength of the UV energy destroys germs while it is on.

UVC actually has the unique ability to attack germs as they float through the air, unlike some liquid or pill that requires contact on the body or through the circulatory system. The biggest strength is it’s ability to prevent sickness from occurring, rather than use after sickness has started.

UVC, unlike drugs, does not allow germs to change so that antibiotics are ineffective against them. UVC kills.

One way to stop the increasing costs of health care is simply to stop the sources of infection. UVC light does exactly that at minimum cost.

Let’s hope our health and government leaders address some of our health cost issues by focusing on therapy proven over and over for centuries, rather than continuing to allow new germs, new diseases, yet less money being spent to protect the citizens.

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