The Science of Getting Rich – Fact or Fiction?

The Science of Getting Rich, by Wallace Wattles – sounds amusing does not it? In truth, this the name of a book first published in 1910 by Wallace D. Wattles. Rhonda Byrne states that this publication was one of the major inspirations for her hit film and book, The Secret.

I have to admit that I sometimes find it difficult to wrap my head around the Law of Attraction. I want to understand, but some of the explanations of this material are so convoluted I am made to feel like a dog chasing its tail!

Wattles states in the preface to his book:

"This book is pragmatical, not philosophical; a practical manual, not a treat upon theories. It is intended for the men and women which most pressing need is for money; who wish to get rich first, and philosophize afterwards."

I believe this practical approach explains why The Science of Getting Rich is even more popular today than it was a 100 years ago.

Wallace Wattles writes that getting rich is an "exact science". There are certain laws, that when learned, will lead you to riches with "mathematical certainty".

These laws hinge on one fundamental principle – the power of thought. Wattles explains that anything we desire, be it a house or a large bank account, can come into existence simply by "impressing (our) thought upon formless substance."

However simple this may sound, he says that in order to do this, we must abandon any competitive nature we may have and use our creative mind. Formless Intelligence, as Wattles calls it, is never competitive in spirit.

In The Science of Getting Rich, Wattles emphasizes that we must get rid of the knowledge that there is some Deity in the sky who wants us to be poor. He believes that choosing a life of poverty for altruistic reasons is no better than those who lead extremely selfish lives.

He states: "Put poverty behind you, and put all that pertains to it behind you …" Being rich, Wattles believes, is the best way anyone can really help the poor.

The Law of Gratitude is an important component of The Science of Getting Rich . Wattles strongly asserts that, even if we are following all other laws, failing to be thankful will keep us stuck in poverty.

In other words, if I constantly focus on the negative things happening around me, I "loose ground" and continue to attract more negative things into my life. The concept of gratitude took me a while to grasp, but it is key!

Focus on everything that is currently right in your life and thank God, the Universe, or, as Wattles calls it "Intelligent Substance". It does not really matter what you call it, just be thankful!

To attract what you desire in live you must have a very clear picture of what it is you want, hold onto it in your mind and always be thankful!

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