How To Make Elementary School More Fun


Each year teachers asks themselves how they can make school more fun. There is a reason teachers desperately want their students to have fun in school. Laughing and having a good time means that the brain is actively engaged. When the brain is working, sparking, and functioning, learning occurs. It doesn’t take a circus to create a fun atmosphere in school. Here are some simple ways to incorporate fun into the elementary school day.

Get Active

Children love to run and play. They like to move their bodies and put tons of energy into everything they do. When elementary students mention their favorite parts of the school day are recess and physical education, there is a reason. Typically, this is the only time of day in which they are allowed to move around and get active. Teachers can change this. You could incorporate movement into your lessons. Choose a CD with music from a studied time period and have the students dance. Play games that allow children to stand and answer questions. Movement doesn’t always have to be crazy. Simply standing can get the blood flowing.

Involve all Senses

Involving all 5 senses into your elementary school days can create a lot of fun. School can be made fun by fully immersing your students into the material. For example, if your students are learning about a certain country, let them taste the food and smell the unique aromas. Play music and let them dance. Let them feel material used in each culture. Not only will this improve the fun meter in your class, but it will also increase learning. Some students learn better by listening. Others learn better by watching. Yet some students learn by touching, feeling, and actively participating in lessons.

Change Routine

Some teachers begin to get into an instructing rut after they have been teaching for a certain number of years. The day begins with the previous day’s assignment, is followed by a lecture, and ends with a worksheet. This becomes extremely monotonous and not at all fun. Changing the school day routine can help greatly. Play learning games, watch videos, do group projects, or have guest speakers. A change in pace makes classes much more fun.

Clear Expectations

Fun is inhibited by many factors. A lack of fun might come from the lack of stimulating activity. It also comes, however, from an abundance of anxiety. Creating clear classroom and performance expectations can minimize school anxiety. If your students know what you will be doing the next day, they know what to expect. Let your class know what will happen if homework is incomplete, or if they are tardy. Simply being able to relax will improve the fun factor in school.

If children viewed school as a fun place to learn, there wouldn’t be quite so many drop-outs or bad grades. You don’t have to act like a fool to make school fun. Simply incorporate a few fun changes in the school day to improve elementary learning capacity.


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