Wearing Styles That Compliment You

Do not expect every latest style to suit and fit you. You might walk pass your favourite shop and see the perfect dress at the window, but just because it looks perfect on the mannequin does not mean it will be perfect for you and your body shape. Before you buy that dress, go into the shop and try the dress on. Take a friend with you if you are not too confident and for a second opinion. If you feel good with the dress on and it suits your figure, only then buy it.

If it does not feel right, then do not buy the dress.

Even if you feel a maybe, still do not buy it, as it is likely to just end up hanging in you wardrobe. You should be hundred percent happy and confident in any clothing item before you buy them. To be hundred percent happy with any clothing item you should know your size and body type. You need to be realistic about your body type, this is a key factor to the type of styles you can or can not wear. Once you know and are confident with your size and body type then you will find the latest styles which best flatter your figure so you look and feel your best.

We all have parts of our bodies that we do not like and parts that we do like. Be honest with yourself and decide which are your strong features. It could be great shoulders or a flat stomach or even your height. You then need to buy stylish items for you wardrobe that flatter those areas. Find and go with styles that compliment your stature, shape and size.

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