4 Ways To Make Money For Paintball Through Paintball


Sometimes the last thing you want to do is get a job, especially when there isn’t much to choose from. I know thats the last thing I wanted to do, and small towns don’t exactly have the best jobs available (low pay, crappy conditions). So I went off and found other ways, heres a list of some of the stuff I did to fund paintball, hope you find them valuable.

4 ways to make money through paintball for paintball…

1. The best place to start is to get an eBay account and sell all of your junk. If paintball is more important than your xbox, then slap it on… if you have a trunk of baseball cards, throw it on eBay. Heck, I sold everything I could get my hands on… I sold video games I didn’t play anymore, old toys, anything and everything

2. Now after you do that, don’t just spend the money you made yet… invest it back into what your doing. How? I took the money I made and started buying deals on eBay, re-listing them and making some good money. Make sure its something you can resell, or know a lot about. In my case I bought large paintball packages that were either listed with a misspelling in the title or listed in the wrong category… you’d be surprised what you can find. To give you an example, I bought a vintage paintball marker that came with a couple of tanks, masks and another gun. I was the only bidder and paid $200 for the whole package. I listed each item individually and made $200 on the vintage paintball gun alone, so I did pretty well. Do this a couple of times and you have more than enough to fund paintball.

3. If you are good at fixing paintball markers, buy broken guns for dirt cheap, fix and sell them on eBay . Back when BE stingrays were still on the market (yes stingrays), I would buy a lot to modify and resell for $20 to $50 profit.

4. Creative? Innovative? Sell your own paintball mod, accessory, or service on eBay If you did step 3 then you should have plenty of guns to tinker with. An example would be the player that sells his own version of the speedfeed for evlution hoppers, or the player that sells milled body kits. Others powdercoat paintball guns to colors you can’t get them in (which is what I did).

If you are afraid of doing this, or if this is too much for you, think again… I didn’t know what I was doing when I first started (I was 14) and made plenty of mistakes along the road, but once I got the hang of it I made enough to buy the gear I wanted and play as long as I wanted. I also pissed off a lot of my friends too, because they thought my parents bought everything for me…

These are all ways to fund paintball through paintball, its a way to keep doing something you love to keep playing something you love, and nothing is better than that.


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