The Issues of Shareware and Freeware

The question of purchasing a software occurs with everyone. When you have a laptop or even a pc you will need at some point in time to acquire the proper software applications to keep files or modify them. In today’s time, there are many eye catching products to choose from. Some however are called freeware and others called shareware software. A new pc or laptop owner may be tempted by downloading free software as there is no price to pay for them. This can bring both opportunities and destruction if one is not careful in their decisions. As a browser on the Internet is important to understand the strengths and weaknesses of freeware as the user may get stuck with big problems than before.

Freeware is the term often associated with free software programs. Today there are many freeware programs available for users to pick from such as backup software, file backup software, anti virus, and more. Freeware can be found on download sites or on the providers own website. Freeware or free software allows users to do certain tasks with a free program. You can do whatever you want with the program so long as you do not try to resell it or distribute it to others. This means that you can use the software for your own purposes without any charge.

With this free software there are some problems or issues that can occur. Viruses are a number one concern for those individuals downloading software from certain sites. With freeware one is never certain about viruses. The maker could create a new virus and enter into the unknowing individual’s pc and cause havoc. Or in some cases it may not be the manufacture of the software who implants viruses but outsiders who hack into the website of the program. Another issues is that there is no support provided by the manufacture of the software. You download the software but nobody will help you with any arising issues. This can be a issue if you are dealing with for example hyper v backup and need support.

Shareware is different from freeware as the user must purchase the right to use the software. The buyer will pay a fee and is allowed to use the software on the dedicated laptop or pc. The advantage of shareware is that you will in many cases get full support for your technical problems and issues. This can be a lifesaver for those in business who are dealing with clients. Another advantage is the software is most likely of better quality. A freeware program will not have all the nice features as a shareware program simple due to the fact that the programmer has to get paid for the knowledge he/she acquired to write such a program. It would not make any financial sense for someone to put much energy into a software without financial compensation for their troubles. Another key issue is the point that shareware will most likely be virus free. So if you want a safe software that is virus free, shareware may be the best choice.

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