You Can’t Beat Cane Furniture For Style and Durability


Cane furniture is ideal for gardens and conservatories for many reasons, mainly because cane will not rot or become damaged by any type of weather. In a conservatory the air is moist which for most furniture is detrimental. Cane however is water resistant which means it will last for many years to come.

When you think of cane I guess you think of an elderly relative sitting in a rocker chair right? Wrong! Think again. Cane has seriously evolved and now comes in many different colours and styles. With the advancement of technology and with the skill of designers, cane furniture now has a top quality designer status. You only have to look around some of the world’s richest hotels and homes and you will find designer cane furniture on the patio or in conservatories. You only have to holiday abroad to see all the different types of styles. Because it is durable, buying cane furniture is an investment to an extent because you won’t be needing to replace it any time soon, the style of furniture is likely to go out of fashion before it is worn out.

If you’re an environmentalist then you will be happy to know that cane furniture is completely environmentally friendly because it is made from natural materials which haven’t been treated using chemicals.

The history of cane dates back over 3000 years ago. It was first developed in India and around the 1600’s cane furniture was imported to England.

There is some confusion because some manufactures’ call their furniture ‘wicker’. Wicker defined means a weaving process. So if you compare wicker furniture to cane furniture you are actually comparing a process to a product. They are basically the same because cane furniture is weaved. Rattan furniture is made from cane which is a raw material from tropical regions of Africa. As cane is a raw material it is extremely tough and durable which is why it is an ideal furniture material for either indoor or outside.

If you’re wondering how it’s made, let me explain… First of all the palm in harvested and boiled which removes all the sap from the bark. This gives the material flexibility which makes it easy to be moulded into different shapes. Once the boiling is complete the material is cut into thin strips. These strips are then weaved together to make the furniture.

As well as conservatories and patios, cane furniture is now being used in living rooms. This is mainly because the designs are so stylish and come in many different colours. Also with the durability of the material it will last for years. Most living room furniture unless you buy leather has a much shorter life span, whereas cane will last for years and years, looking great with minimal maintenance. However this quality furniture comes at a price because of all the work it takes to make a piece. But you won’t regret spending a bit more because you will get a contemporary piece of furniture which looks great for long time and is comfortable and inviting.


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