Sex Secrets: The Art Of Phone Sex And How To Use It To Give Your Woman Orgasms That Blow Her Mind

Here’s a SEX SECRET that most men have no idea about:

  • Phone Sex is INCREDIBLY exciting for a woman

Unfortunately, most men are intimidated by it and have no idea how to give their women phone sex the right way.

You are about to discover “The Art Of Phone Sex” and how to use it to give your woman orgasms that blow her mind…

Before we get into how to use the phone for sex, let me just say that it is a wonderful option to use with your woman when you are away from each other for an extended period of time. When you know how to use it the right way, you’ll be able to give your woman SEXUAL PLEASURE in a way that you will not believe until you try it.

To hear your woman SCREAM YOUR NAME down the phone as she has a powerful orgasm is surely one of the most rewarding experiences a man can ever have. Shame most men are too scared to give their women phone sex the right way.

I hope you are “man enough” to master the art of phone sex.

Let me start off by saying that most men have unrealistic expectations about phone sex. They expect their women to narrate fantasies to them and do 50% of the talking.

This is NOT going to happen.

That is the first rule of phone sex – you (as the man), must do 95% of the talking and you must lead your woman (just like you would in real life when you are in the same room as her). If you don’t have the courage to do that, STOP reading right now.

Next, you must understand that whilst on the phone you only have one tool – YOUR VOICE.

You cannot touch, taste, smell or see your woman whilst on the phone. This means that you must talk almost non-stop. And aside from the initial few minutes where you are “setting the scene”, your talk must be of the “dirty” kind.

Here is how to do PHONE SEX the right way:

1. Make sure you are somewhere quiet where you will not get disturbed.

2. Call your woman and establish whether or not the time is right for phone sex. Do not mention phone sex, simply ask her where she is and if she replies that she is at home (or in a hotel room) – the time is right.

3. Use this line to get things started because it works every time:

“Darling, I really miss you and if I was with you right now I’d hold you so close and gently kiss the side of your neck”

At this point your woman will softly sigh. They always do. Always.

4. Now it is your job to build things up. Keep it romantic for a while – tell her how you’d kiss her body all over and touch every inch of her skin.

5. Then, describe to her in detail how you’d give her oral sex or penetrative sex.

Do it with authority, confidence and believability and usually within 30 minutes you will have your woman SCREAMING down the phone as she has a powerful orgasm.

Yes, she will have rubbed her clitoris as you were talking her through the experience – but make no mistake about it, it will be your DIRTY TALK that has the most powerful effect on her and drives her to have an ORGASM.

Phone sex really is an underused sexual tool. Try it out with your woman and prepare to be amazed by how much she loves it.

One final thing to be aware of is that phone sex tends to work best when you are already giving your woman great sex when you are with her and she is used to you talking dirty to her.

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