Baby Developmental Toys For 18-24 Months

From 18 to 24 months your child will go through a language explosion. With this, his imagination and make-believe will go to a whole new level as he is able to communicate his thoughts and feelings. The best baby developmental toys for this age are toys that provide an outlet for his imaginative play. This could be anything from a playhouse to a rocking horse.

The time frame of 18 to 24 months is a period where problem solving becomes a focus for your child. This is also a time when your child will want to experiment with sound. Musical baby developmental toys and any other sound making toys will quickly become your child's favorite.

As his imaginations soars, he'll also partake in dress-up and role playing. Baby developmental toys such as puppets, dolls and costumes will encourage him to be the hero of the day while at the same time promote his verbal skills. Just make sure that the costumes come with Velcro attachments instead of closures that are harder for him to handle by himself, like snap buttons or zippers.

His imagination will propel him to test his limits and boundaries not just mentally, but physically as well. It could be anything from trying to tie shoe laces to testing his strength by trying to move objects which before he had avoided since he knew they were too heavy. And as he's got walking under his belt, he 'll begin moving on to running and jumping, etc. Simple games like "Simon Says" and hop scotch are great ways for him to practice.

If you have not introduced your child to counting, this is a great time to do so. Take advantage of all of the counting opportunities that present themselves, such as counting toys or vegetables or fingers or raisins, anything will do. Baby developmental toys like barriers with numbers are great because they still offer the previous benefits of blocks while incorporating his new counting skills. At first the numbers will only be another picture to your child, but as time goes on he will begin to make the connection. As a safety reminder, make sure that the baby developmental toys are painted with water based, non-toxic paint.

As your child learns more about spatial relationships and begins drawing or making lines, you should bring back the shape martyrs and the nesting toys. Puzzles with 3 to 6 pieces are also great baby developmental toys because they are not only feed his need for matching objects, but they strengthen his self confidence as well giving him a sense of accomplishment.

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