Andy Warhol – "Cowboys and Indians" – "Sitting Bull"


Andy Warhol released the “Cowboys and Indians” Limited edition print Portfolio in 1986. It was his last edition with 10 prints. They are screenprints on Lenox Museum Board. Rupert Jasen Smith was the printer and Gaultney, Klineman Art, Inc. was the publisher.

Understanding the “Sitting Bull” in Andy Warhol’s 1986 “Cowboys and Indians” Portfolio is confusing. Twice in the last month I’ve had customers confused about the “Sitting Bull”. Well, it is confusing and I’ve never seen a good explanation. There is even more confusion surrounding “John Wayne” but that is for a later article! Below is the breakdown of the Portfolio:

Each of the 250 Regular Edition “Cowboys and Indians” Portfolios contain 10 different prints:

  • Geronimo
  • Mother and Child
  • John Wayne
  • Plains Indian Shield
  • Custer
  • Annie Oakley
  • Kachina Dolls
  • Indian Head Nickel
  • Northwest Coast Mask
  • Teddy Roosevelt

Each of the unique 36 Trial Proof Edition “Cowboys and Indians” Portfolios have the above listed 10 plus 4 more for a total of 14 prints. Each print has a unique color combination.

  • Sitting Bull
  • Buffalo Head Nickel
  • War Bonnet Indian
  • Action Picture

To add to the confusion, an unknown number (possibly 250) of like-colored “Sitting Bulls” were printed for the Regular Edition but not used. Its thought that they were to be one of the 10 in the Regular Edition but were replaced by another image at publication. These are available on the market and are not signed or numbered. These Unpublished Sitting Bulls have been authenticated by the Andy Warhol Art Authentication Board and Estate of Andy Warhol.


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