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I have previously discussed weight loss products with regards to material products like shoes and weights. This article will focus on nutrition products and food. As usual I will keep things simple and abide by the principle that weight loss must remain easy or it will remain elusive. I will first talk about the basic staple that you must have in your kitchen and then I will discuss supplements.

Having a fully stocked kitchen can be a dangerous thing that allows you to gorge and snack but having an empty kitchen can be even worse by driving you out the door to a fast food restaurant. The key is to keep enough of the right things on hand without going overboard. Think lean protein, like chicken, turkey, egg whites, etc. I like to grill a couple of days worth of meat and keep it in the fridge for quick easy satisfying meals. This one trick will save you over and over. I really like egg beaters and boiled eggs, egg beaters are easy, fast and clean, while boiled eggs are just a reach away.

Next think fruit and veggies, get plenty, keep some in the fridge and leave some out. Cut some for quick snacks and keep them visible. Anything that is starting to look a little over ripe makes a great smoothie or juice. Smoothies are a great way to reduce waste, add something to your diet that tastes like a treat, and get some extra fruit and veggies. Try adding vegetables to some of your smoothies for some interesting flavor combinations.

As far as snacks go, keep some nuts on hand and small amounts of other healthy options. Yogurt is always good, and cheese can be a great protein rich treat that goes with almost anything.

I like to avoid store bought juice, potato chips, most cereals, bread, granola bars. I find that if I keep most of the above mentioned on hand I really do not have too many cravings, out of sight out of mind.

Supplements mainly fit into the snake oil category. There are a few exceptions. Protein powder is low calorie, filling, and can greatly assist with getting your protein intake up to achieve muscle building. Creatine is a tried tested and proven supplement that will help you gain muscle and strength, increase your energy and your work capacity, or if you are in a heavy diet phase reduce your muscle loss. Fish oil will assist with your recovery and get you a good dose of healthy fat. Multi vitamins can be a good addition, some people swear by them others do not have much response. If you are eating a low carb diet fiber supplements are a good idea and green products can give you a good dose nutrients. Everything else on the market including fat burners are a waste of money. Do not be swayed by the brilliant add campaigns, that body builder got to 3% body fat because of diet, exercise discipline and a little lack of sanity. I am not saying that many supplements do not work I am saying that your return on investment is essentially nil. Save your money or spend it on better nutrition.


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